Isuzu/Rodeo ute engine info wanted

Hi folks
A friend's approx 1985 Holden Rodeo utility motor blew up big time
The motor wasn't the original, it was we think a 1600 cc approx Isuzu motor
installed a few years earlier by previous owner (the original factory fitment is supposed to be a 2 litre or 2.3)
She bought an old wreck, a similar model to hers, but a few years older, called an Isuzu, which has a nearly indentical small 4 cylinder motor, probably also a 1600 cc unit
I'm doing all the work, and by me bloody self too, to save her money, as she has none to spare for professional mechanic's charges etc
It's been near 20 years since I assisted on engine removals etc but over the last 2 days, I have extracted the engines from both cars
The *wreck* ute has an electric fuel pump fitted near it's petrol tank. The *good* ute has a mechanical fuel pump bolted to the engine, that I can see, will not allow itself to be bolted to the older Isuzu engine
I guess that I'll have to strip the electric petrol pump off of the wreck, and install that in the good car, eh ? (and do whatever other changes might be necessary to the fuel system)......hopefully NOT have to change the whole fuel tank over too
The newer *good* car has the type of petrol feed-and-return system whereby too much fuel is pumped, the surplus being returned to the tank via a second pipe
The older, electric pumped system, seems to not have a fuel return line (well I didn't notice one as I was disconnecting/extracting the motor)
Obviously I'm trying to minimise my tasks. This is filthy work and the temperature at this time of year is close to 100 F most days (Outback Western Australia)
Fortunately I'm doing this in an old shed, so out of the direct sun at least.
I's hoping for some help from some local old guys, but so far have done 99 % of everything myself. Fortunately I have one of those hand operated crane "chain block" things with which to lift and lower the motors in and out of the cars
I have tagged many of the wires and pipes I have undone, even if I thought re-installation would be fairly obvious, I just didn't wanna leave anything to chance
Are there any other problems I should be looking out for ??
This really is a *budget job* so hopefully no more money or parts will be needed (both of these utes/pick-ups are 5 speed manual gearbox)
Please reply via email as well if you can
Many thanks
Catherine xena @ agn . net . au (take out the spaces)
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Here is a much better place to get this kind of help: / I have trouble following which engine goes with what car, so if you could be a little clearer you'd get better advice. I have a 1990 trooper and they come with 2.6L 4-cyl or a 2.3L 4 cyl. Probably the real old ones had the tiny 1.6L. As long as your engines are carbureted, I would say that you can use either type of pump and fuel system. If you don have a factory service manual, or a vacuum and electrical troubleshooting manual, at least get a Chilton's and/or a Haynes manual.
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