Clunking noise when releasing brake pedal

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My new ES330 sometime makes a clunk/thud noise at the front-end when I lift my foot off the brake pedal to move forward after a complete stop. I searched this NG and found people were having similar problems on their Tacoma trucks. Could this so-called axle wrap phenomenon occur on camry-based cars as well? Thanks for your input.
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Wilson Shou
The pads on the ES330 brakes "float" in the calipers, so what you are experiencing is normal when going from forward to reverse & visa versa.
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Sometimes disk-brakes will make a noise as they 'unload'. By that I mean the movable parts in the caliper and even the suspension parts supporting the road-wheel come under considerable tension as they take on the load of pulling up the vehicle, then when that load is removed on brake release evrything twangs back into its 'at rest' position...but in a modern car I wouldn't expect this to produce a loud noise. Wear or looseness in any of the suspension and caliper parts can produce this symptom.
I'd be checking everything is tight from the wheel lugs/nuts, caliper mounting bolts, suspension mountingbolts and the strut tower for movement. The design of the caliper can contribute some light noise such as a clapping or tick noise from the pads as they load-up and downm but not a loud thunk/clunk.
If you have a helper, you can go thru a braking-unbraking cycle by gently applying some engine power in Drive while the brakes are on,..then release the brakes. The helper maybe able to see where the movement/noise is coming from.
Get the car inspected if this isbeyond you.
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Jason James

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