Rotary Engine FAQ 0612

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does a rotary engine work? 2. What's a boinger? 3. Why does a rotary engine make as much power as a boinger twice its size?
4. Why does a Renesis make so much more power than prior rotaries? 5. How reliable is a rotary engine? 6. Is the rotary engine dead? 7. What do the 10A, 12A, 13B & 20B Mazda engine designations mean? 8. Why two spark plugs for each rotor? 9. What spark plugs should I use? 10. Why does my rotary Mazda have an oil cooler? 11. Why does a rotary burn oil? 12. What oil should I use? 13. Should I use synthetic oil? 14. Do oil brands matter? 15. How often should I change my rotary engine's oil? 16. Should I mix oil in the fuel? 17. What's the best fuel for my rotary car? 18. What gas mileage should a rotary get? 19. Does a rotary have any booby traps I need to watch out for? 20. Will removing my thermostat help my rotary run cooler or make more power? 21. When should I shift? 22. What is an apex seal? 23. How do I know if my engine's apex seals are OK? 24. What should my engine's compression be? 25. What are the differences between earlier & later Mazda rotaries? 26. What are the differences between 6-Port & 4-Port rotaries? 27. How do I tell a 12A from a 13B? 28. What is a thermal reactor? 29. What's the best way to test changes I make that affect my car's power? 30. What if I switch to a light flywheel? 31. How do I get the old flywheel off? 32. How hard is it to stop oil from leaking? 33. O-rings? What o-rings? 34. What's that foamy stuff under the oil fill cap & inside the filler tube? 35. Why does my engine smoke when I first start it? 36. Why does my engine smoke when I shift at high RPM? 37. Why won't my engine start? What can I do to start it? 38. Why is my engine locked up, and what do I do about it? 39. My engine just failed its emissions test. Now what do I do? 40. What's the best way to make my rotary car accelerate quicker? 41. How hard would it be for me to rebuild my rotary? 42. What is porting all about? 43. Can I add a turbo to my NA? 44. Why is rotary exhaust replacement or improvement so expensive? 45. Why not hollow out the cats? 46. How do I remove my air pump? 47. How do I stop the backfiring? 48. How can I tell if my car has a limited-slip differential? 49. Where can I race my rotary car? 50. Corvttes, Mustngs, Firbirds, Camros, Porches & RX7s? 51. What are the RX-7 "generations"? 52. Which model RX-7 do I have? How do the various RX-7 models differ? 53. What other regular production cars have had rotary engines? 54. Why did Mazda stop selling the RX-7 in the US? 55. How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list? 56. Is there an RX-7 club I can join? 57. My question's not on this list. Where do I go from here?
Plus, links to the RX-7 generational FAQ; tech goodies, such as the "Rotary Parts Interchange" & "replacing 12A with 13B", in "The Garage"; links to information on upcoming rotary models and rotary history; acronymn dictionary; instructions for subscribing to mailing lists; links to vendors; and much more.
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