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What Colour Should I Paint My Brake Calipers?
I have a maroon car what color can I spray my brake calipers Assuming your top is black, I would leave them black. YMMV. Leon
8 months ago 1
Left turn signal not working, but can't seem to fix it
Replaced bulb and it works until I put it in drive. When I take the bulb out and put it back in the bulb is fine until I put it in drive again. Its not burning the bulb out it just stops working. Its...
9 months ago
99 Miata Idle problem
Just let the car warm up it then idles fine. I usually drive it slow first 8 minutes then its fine. first 8 minutes then its fine. Also see for potential reasons for idle problems. There is an...
1 year ago 1
Re: Spitfires, Hurricanes and Sports Cars (NMC)
Hahaha. Just found this old thread when searching for something on Google so I had to point out that, 20 years on, your Hypersonic airliner still hasn't got off the drawing board. ;-) Hope springs...
2 years ago 1
Group dead?
Can someone play "Taps" over it please? I blame Mazda, the first two versions of the Miata were more than cars, they were almost like family pets, not always well behaved but lovable! The third...
2 years ago 8
Re: Left turn signal not working, but can't seem to fix it
I have a 2010 E450 and the left front turn signal is not working. In the dash it blinks fast. The rear light blinks but not the front one. The bulb is good. Can the relay single out just one light? I...
3 years ago 1
Circumstances require I sell my house and move to an assisted living facility and in the process unload everything except my minivan so... the 1992 Miata is gone to a wholesaler for way too little....
3 years ago 5
Change Instrument Panel Light?
Does anyone know -- Is there a way to replace a lightbulb in the instrument cluster of a 1990 Miata without pulling out the entire instrument panel? -- Arye. Are you plastic man? Removing the...
4 years ago 4
I'm amazed! I mail ordered a new battery for the 1992 Mazda Miata knowing it would be almost impossible for me to install with arthritis making both hands pretty non-functional but... no problem!...
4 years ago 4
I need one, any preference between Westco and Autozone? My local Autozone has a battery for my 1992 Miata and Batterys + has the Westco. My results with Westco (my last two batteries) have been very...
4 years ago 3
2005 miata
I have a 2005 Miata and want some opinions on cleaning and conditioning a black rag has the back glass window. it is looking a little dry and would like to preserve it so it will look brand new and...
4 years ago 1
Miata Battery and Battery Tender Question
Hi Folks. I have not been in here for a long time, but HELP>>LOL. Since the OEM battery, in my 2000 Miata, with less than 44,000 original miles, I hav e been using the Duralast battery from AutoZone....
5 years ago 1
Help with Kraft Werks super charger
I own a 2003 Mazda Miata and I purchased and installed a Kraft Werks super charger system early in 2011. This particular version didn't come with a inter cooler and had the Super Card Fuel Management...
5 years ago
Need Maza windscreen for 1968 model bakkie 1000cc
I need a windscreen for a Mazda bakkie 1000cc 1968 model. Can enyone please help
5 years ago
Mazda Miata puffing white smoke after idling
My 1996 mazda Miata puffs out white / heavy smoke after idling at light or stop sign. replaced head gaskets and did all top engine work while it was apart. got it back and it still smoked a little and...
5 years ago 1