Interested in Mazda 3 - comments?

We have test-driven a Mazda 3 Sedan GS and priced both the Sedan and the GS
Sport Hatchback. We liked the way the car was equipped, and thought the
Sport Automatic shifter was fun (although both my wife and I instinctively
thought that you'd pop it forward to upshift, not down... took me about 4
"ups" before I clued in that I had to pull the lever down to "up" shift).
If you'd like to comment on these cars, I'd be interested.
1. Any notable reliability issues (for example.. like head gaskets in
2. Your experiences good? Bad?
3. Dealerships/service departments? Good? Bad? (We are in South-Western
Ontario, Canada)
4. Anything you'd rather you hadn't had on the car? Or wished you *had*
5. Is that Sport Transmission durable?
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