Roush adds V6-powered 2013 RS Mustang to lineup

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"Engineered on the track, Refined for everyday", ROUSH®
Performance is excited to introduce a new offering for the 2013 Ford
Mustang V6.
ROUSH 2013 RS BlackAll new for the 2013 ROUSH Ford Mustang lineup is
the ROUSH RS or "ROUSH Six" package. The ROUSH RS is based
on the 3.7L-V6 Ford Mustang and receives an array of ROUSH engineered
styling and handling components. Gary Jurick, General Manager of ROUSH
Performance, states "The RS opens a new niche for ROUSH
Performance, offering great fuel economy, a good level of power, at an
economical price, while still embodying ROUSH's spirit of
performance." The RS package starts at $4,000, pushes out 305
horsepower and gets up to 31 mpg highway.
Chassis improvements for the ROUSH RS Mustang include 193
premium painted 2013 ROUSH RS Rear Sidealuminum wheels and tires, the
same wheels and tires found on the factory Ford Mustang GT with Brembo
brakes, and ROUSH lowering springs with progressive rate jounce bumper
which will lower the car approximately one inch in the front and rear,
thus reducing the car's center of gravity and providing quicker
steering response and a better feel of the road. Enhancements to the
RS body incorporate many of the R6 aerobody components featured on the
ROUSH Stage vehicles including the high flow upper and lower grilles,
front chin splitter, side rocker splitters and rear decklid spoiler.
The ROUSH RS Mustang comes with the distinct "R" fender
badges and the "R" ROUSH faux gas cap. Also on display is
the ROUSH windshield banner. Optional hood scoop, rear quarter window
louvers, RS exterior side and hood graphics are also available.
ROUSH RS 2013 FrontInterior ROUSH RS Mustang upgrades include ROUSH
embroidered floor mats, billet performance pedals and a ROUSH center
console badge/button. Optional RS interior upgrades include GT
charcoal leather seating or ROUSH sport leather seating along with
white or black shifter ball and the suede wrapped performance steering
wheel. ROUSH door sill plates are available with ambient lighting.
"We (ROUSH) are excited to offer a ROUSH package for all levels
of the Ford Mustang line up," says Tim Wheeler, VP, Sales and
Marketing of ROUSH Performance. "The RS will address the Mustang
V6 owner that is looking for the ROUSH touch off the showroom
floor." Great fuel economy, great price point, great fun, the
ROUSH RS Mustang.

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In article ,
Wait, only 305 hp? It's stock. No engine upgrades? I suppose it should be insurance friendly. It should handle pretty well. Probably a great autocross car.
I'll take one with all the suspension parts, wheels, tires, and brakes. NO_fake_scoops anywhere, and no Roush body mods or badges. I want mine to look stock.
I read: comes with the distinct "R" fender badges... and immediately thought "Type R". Bwahahaha! Sorry, too many youtube ricer vids. Funny how many mustangs have the honda Type-R badges. So sad...
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lowered 1 inch.
Na..... I'll put my money on a blower on stock. But then, why not get the 8 ? and put a blower on it ?
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