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From: themustangnews.com
With all the talk about the next-generation 2015 Mustang its been easy
to overlook what=92s right in front of us. Ford is readying a mild
refresh for the 2013 Mustang set to make its debut later this year.
The mid-cycle changes are directed at keeping the Mustang fresh
against the Camaro but also to bridge the styling gap between it and
the 2015 model.
-- With the show car styling of the Camaro and the full retro
Challenger, seems the market desires more radical/aggressive looking
pony cars.
Recently caught by in Dearborn, MI by forum member Stangpilot007 at
TheMustangSource, Ford is now in final testing of the 2013 Mustang.
Mustang will be getting revised front and rear fascias to give a
cleaner and more aggressive appearance. Mustang GT is said to get a
more Shelbyesque grille and fascia treatment to clean up the complex
design of the current lower fascia.
As seen in the photos, body colored lower cladding will answer the
critics who say the black ABS plastic under belly of the current
2010-2012 models looks cheap. The look will certainly raise the rent
on style and will give a fresh overall perspective to the car=92s
-- Are ABS plastic underbelly repaints the cosmetic mod of the future
for the '10s & '11s?
As seen in the photos, rear exhaust openings at least for GT-500
appear to be elongated for double-barrel tips. A new rear tail light
panel that spans the rear flank has been reported and new sleeker
headlamps are also rumored. The GT-500 at least may see a new hood
design as well.
Powertrains for the Mustang V6 and Mustang 5.0 GT are expected to be
largely carry-over. Some news outlets believe there might be a slight
horsepower bump for the 5.0 liter V8 attributed to software tweaks.
-- My fingers are crossed I can give my 2011 GT a Nissan GTR-type
software upgrade -- run to the Ford dealer, slip him a few bucks for a
little computer re-flash and gain additional power -- get a 2011,
version 2.0.
The 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions are expected to carry-
over as well.
-- Curious to see if the tweak the 6-speed manual to address the
recall stuff.
The big news in powertrains is expected with the Shelby GT-500. The
rumblings and spy photos this season have pointed to a GT-500 that
packs over 600hp. What that power comes from has been rumored to be a
larger displacement version of the existing 5.4 liter supercharged
Reports have hinted at 5.8 liters or more from the engine that first
made duty in the Ford GT supercar. A larger displacement supercharger
is likely as well. While some media outlets have speculated about a
twin-turbo GT-500, those who have heard the engineering mules say
-- The GT-500 is going to be a M O N S T E R. Buh, bye, ZL1.
The 2013 Mustang is expected to debut in Los Angeles at the auto show
in November. If history is any guide, Ford will follow up with the
2013 Shelby GT-500 at the Detroit show in January. Full photos and
specifications will be out just ahead of both shows. In any case we
will be on the floor of both shows to bring photos and video of both.
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