Why Buy a Challenger?

Apparently better looks and highway ride is what is selling
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So I guess [the Mustang's] better handling, acceleration, interior,
dynamics, and price aren't as important...
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What stuck out for me was that the review says: On the highway, the Challenger likes a minimum of 80 miles per hour in sixth gear.
What?!? Seriously? The thing is geared that high? Hello 4.10 gears or greater! You'll need them to get those two tons moving. At least fans of the Challenger will love that. Do they make 6.00 gears? Maybe the smaller engine won't be so bad with gears like that.
Seriously though, I like the over all style & looks of the Challenger but that's about it. I'm not real big on the LEDs that surround the tail lights at night, especially if following one at a car length or two, or is that just the Charger?
The interior didn't look so bad but I'd have to see one in person before I have an opinion on that.
The Camaro is the homely one. I'll keep my lightly used, lowly '09 v6 automatic 'Stang over both the Camaro and the Challenger. Yeah, I'm on a budget.
Slightly off topic... Just got my duals (GT take offs) put on today, and I couldn't have cut my bumper more perfectly. Damn, I was sweating that one. Ha ha, I cut the bumper before I had possession of the mufflers. Whew! Don't waste your time on finding that template, I did, and I would have made the cut in the wrong place using it. Next will be an SCT programmer to firm up the shifts, and of course for the performance tunes. I couldn't find a decent v6 with a 5 speed.
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I thought the same thing too. Keep it in 6th and drop that thing down to 55mph and it would probably starting chugging.
What do you mean "smaller engine"? This year's SRY comes with 388 cubes and last year's was 36X something, both offering plenty of twist.
I believe that to just be the new Challenger. But get used to it, the more efficient LED's are taking over.
I think the Camaro [exterior] looks good, but is another GM case of style over function.
I'd be interested to hear how much the mods help.
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