intermittent ac issue

I have an 01 Altima that is experiencing odd ac problem. Always works great
for awhile, then compressor shuts off unless system turned off for awhile.
It's not freezing up, and sometimes only have to turn switch off for a
minute to get to work again.
The symptoms seem to match what I've read about the thermo control amplifier
issue. The same thing happened a couple years ago, and that was the fix. I
assumed the same thing had happened, so I replaced it again, but same
problem. I even got another one from the Nissan dealer thinking maybe the
first was defective, but again no change.
Seems to kick up more if sitting at idle, but once it starts doing it it
will occur even as driving at highway speeds. Both cooling fans working
properly, not overheating.
Thanks for any help/info, Todd Mcdermott
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