Passenger Side Air Bag is Turned Off when using Swivel Seat

2007 Altima S. My wife uses a swivel seat to help her into the car. See
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for a description.
The swivel seat measures about 15" in diameter which is larger than the
13 1/2 inches of the flat part of the car seat. This means the swivel
seat sits above the flat part of the car seat by about a 1/2 inch and
therefore, no pressure is applied to the flat part of the car seat when
she sits there. For this reason, I believe the "air bag off" indicator
is lit up. If she sits in the car seat without the swivel seat, the "air
bag off" indicator light is off.
I've tried putting a pillow between the swivel seat and the car seat to
eliminate the 1/2" gap but that did not work.
Anybody have some ideas on how to make this work so the "air bag off"
indicator stays off?
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