2000 Mazda Protege ES: Cruise control just quit!!

all sudden my cruise control wont even
come on!!!
what thing should I check?
what could be wrong?
Sorry..... posting this in a hurry!
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I'd start with the fuse. Then maybe see if you can see the cruise control unit under the hood and check for a loose wire. It could be possible the button/switch went bad too.
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I know the switch and relay are working as I can hear them when trying to activate the system...... however it just wont activate
I will check the fuse per your advice
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Other common failures include the disabling switches on the brake pedal and the clutch pedal, and the associated wiring. Also, sometimes the contacts on the switch on the stalk fail. And the cable to the throttle has been known to break too. Start from the beginning with the meter and work your way through the wiring diagram until you get to the end. --scott
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Scott Dorsey

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