2005 Toyota 4Runner lcd backlight replacement bulb for $1.50

2005 Toyota 4Runner lcd backlight replacement bulb for $1.50
6volt miniature light bulb (clear) Catalog #: 272-1140 http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId !02814

1. Open the storage compartment beneath the temp controls and remove the screw at the top. 2. Now remove the temp control panel and the LCD display by prying them loose from the bottom up. (They are all one piece) 3. Remove the white connector from the back of the panel. 4. Locate the burned out bulb and twist the bulb housing 1/4 turn to the left to unlock it. 5. Remove the bulb housing with a small set of pliers after unlocking it. 6. undo the wires around the bulb housing and pay attention to how they are looped around the housing. 7. Trim the plastic away from the bulb and wiring 8. Cut the wires down to 1.5 inches long 9. Strip the wires down to bare copper all the way to the base of the bulb. Twist each individual wire to make the strands rigid. 10. Remove ALL the stuff that looks like hot glue at the base of the bulb. Be careful not to break the contacts. 11. Insert the bulb all the way into the grey bulb housing. This one will stick out a little further than the original. 12. Wrap the twisted copper strands around the bulb housing similar to the way it was in step 6. Its ok if you have more windings than the original. 13. Replace the bulb housing into the panel. 14. Put it all back together...
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