'98 'Burb: Make front cig liter switched?

I've got this little iPod adapter that plugs in to a cigarette lighter.
It always draws current - even when the iPod is not attached.
Seems like three choices: ----------------------------------------- 1) Chill out because it only draws a teeny bit. (?)
2) Rewire the cig adapter so that it gets current from the part of the circuitry that is controlled by the ignitions switch.
3) Bypass the cig lighter and just hard-wire the device into the same place that the car radio gets it's power. -----------------------------------------
My instincts suggest #3. There would be no loss of functionality because I could care less that it's hard wired - might even be better from an aesthetic perspective bc I could tuck it all out of sight.
Access ability would be a significant factor. i.e. the wires to the cig lighter might be readily accessible and easy to switch over.
OTOH, maybe I'd be flirting with some kind of overload situation if somebody plugged something into the lighter that drew more current and that current had to come through the ignition switch.
Anybody know what's going on under there?

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