Re: fixing trip gauge on speedo head

well... easy is relative. to remove the cluster, remove all the screws on the instrument bezel, step on the brake, put it 1st (if an auto), pop the
idiot clips around the cluster, unhook the light switch and dimmer, remove the bezel. pull the screws out of the steering column cover (under the steering column, also only if an auto) remove the quadrant indicator clip on the gear shift (DO NOT try and unhook the other end from the cluster, it really sucks to get it back in). now, unscrew the radio head and climate controls. this will give you access to the 4 hex headed screws to remove the cluster. you may also have to remove the driver's side air duct to get at the top left one. to actually remove the cluster, just pull it out and up. take it inside.
you can do one of two things here a. replace the entire cluster or replace the odometer assy. note: neither of these are still available from GM. I bought a cluster off of Ebay for my '88, you can also try the local boneyards.
if you replace the entire cluster, reinstall in the opposite order of removal.
to replace (or repair, the odometer assy can jump out of it's retaining clips and stop working): do not remove the rear cover, you don't need to. the cluster uses 5.5mm screws, make sure you have that socket. remove the front cover (taking standard static precautions). unscrew the speedometer and pull it straight out of the cluster. this will give you access to the odo assy. if the odo/trip shafts have jumped out, just click them back in and fabricate something to keep them from jumping back out, I glued some pieces of plastic ( you can get them at a hobby shop) across the clips on mine to keep them from spreading. re-install in the reverse order of disassembly.
HTH, Bret

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