steering shaft noise on 2004 chevy 4x4 tahoe

I have had my brakes done and asked if the brakes was making the squealing sound coming from the back of the tahoe. He said it's coming from the steering shaft. How can this be resolved or is this normal?
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Squealing isn't normal. The "normal" issue with the steering shaft is a clunking/popping noise. Lots of videos and write ups online about how to fix it. Takes a 15mm wrench and some grease.
Squealing sounds more like steering pump or box or another engine accessory. Easy way to figure out if it's that is to release the tension on the belt so that none of the driven items move. If the noise goes away grab a automotive stethoscope and start listening to the individual items.
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Steve W.

I have a 2003 Suburban. When the steering shaft needs lube it sounds like like there is serious looseness in the front end. Replacement or lubing of the steering shaft coupling fixes it. I have had to do this once in 70k miles on my sub.
Bob K.
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