Hybrid Honda/Acura SUV - any speculation on when this could happen?

My wife wants to replace her 2002 Honda Odyssey with an Acura MDX. She is tired of portraying the minivan mystique. I like the idea of the new Odyssey's variable cylinder management. The Accord hybrid really tickles my fancy given the improved performance accompanied by improved fuel economy in some situations. I would love to see that improvement added to my 2004 TL 6MT Navi (What am I saying!.. the TL is already perfect.). Even if only VCM went into an MDX, I'd consider it a plus that might sway me to purchase.
I'd rather not have her get an SUV based on 3 main concerns: high center of gravity, bumper height, and generally bad fuel economy. I even offered to buy an RL instead. She insists on needing a vehicle capable of seating up to 7 people for the occasional "Soccer Mom" events. This vehicle would likely never go off-road, because she is really pretty good at driving between the lines on the street! It has to look better than a minivan, though. At least one of the 3 issues would be improved if a hybrid system were added to the MDX. The proposed compact SUV based on the Acura RD-X concept is interesting to me, but probably will not satisfy the seating requirements. I think I'm stuck because she needs a minivan, but wants an SUV.
Is there any speculation or announcement of something like a hybrid Acura SUV happening anytime soon? I can hold off the purchase until next year....maybe (the pressure is intensifying!).
Thanks for your comments.
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The MDX does not have the seating room that the Pilot has as I recall when I went through this with my wife in 2003. I was impressed with the handling of the Pilot and doubt your wife would get into trouble with it. Mileage is around 23 on the road.
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