Re: Missing at high speed

This is a 325i with M20 engine and it high speeds and high rpms it misses. Nothing at low rpms however.
What are some of the first things to check, plug
wires and distributor cap?
Could it be something else like plugged cat or fuel filter? It has real high miles past 200K and I think it runs really rich. you"l need to find out first what cylinder its missing from? you can try scanining it for codes & see what that comes up with also check or replace your basics like:
-spark plugs change them & make sure there properly gapped to manufactures specs -spark plug wires are they still original ones? -check for arching or signs of cracks on them if there old change them -distributer cap and roter if its got a few years on it change it -fuel filter definatly change it
Thats where i would start try that first that way you can eliminate your basic items. then you can start running some tests and posibly start looking at other items

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