Replenish Depleted US Oil Fields c Bio-Diesel Saltwater Ponds (Re: Red Rum Alert Ocean Experiements)

Hey guys ...
Hear the news out of Obamabush Land of the Idiots ... they want to dump megatons of liquid iron into the Ocean the size of Africa ... and EXPERIMENT
with our LIFE.
They don't know what this will do, they just want to experiment with the Ocean like they would want to experiement with your brain to try and fix your cold with surgery.
However, down in Kern California ... they could make a few thousand acre ponds of salt water, and grow Bio-Diesel and also experiement with a pond here and there ... with iron or and biomass waste ... and make mistakes that way.
At the same time .. make Bio-Diesel at $1 a gallon @ delivery to you ... AND replenish the oil fields that won WW2 for US ... so that the bio-diesel will COOK along down there ... and make more petroleum for US if we like ... as the bio-diesel and the existing petroleum would mix together and help the fermenting process along ... raising the oil field level past 50% making it real easy to pump out later.
We make even more Strategery Oil Fields ... solve our global warming problem, AND have cheaper fuel for US ... as we pay down the debt with higher taxes ... taking care of all those Bank the Dems and GOPerps REWARD their bad boy behaviour.
Bad Boy who you gonna call... hell call up the Black Chenny ... get you out with out a trial.
sumbuddie peaking behind the curtain
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