94 Fleetwood Dome Light staying on

I have a 1994 Fleetwood 4 dr and the dome light stays on when I close the
door. Also my radio used to stay on when I would shut my car ignition off
and take the key out, and it would turn off once I opened the door. Now
the radio shuts off as soon as I turn the key off. I figure that it has
something to do with the car thinking that the door is still open. Is the
switch built into the door latch inside the door? And do you think this is
the problem or does anyone have any sugestions before I go any further
since it does not look to easy to take apart.
Thanks for any Help,,,
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Sounds like the retained power accessories module which I believe is in the trunk, possibly behind the rear seat back rest. On my '93 Eldo that panel behind the rear seat backrest is held on by velcro. It just pulls down. FWIW YMMV
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