Update on KJ's truck/carb problem

Thanks group. My truck is running, insured, and inspected. I however do have a vague problem, so I will detail all that I know about it.
1985' Chevrolet K5 305CUI SB bowtie power plant TH700R4 transmission - used from a 1983 GMC Jimmy NP203 transfer case - original
Recent Repairs: New front brake line, from proportioning valve to flexible brake line. New transmission cooler lines (too and from) Three new U-joints (both on rear axle, front on front axle) New: oil, tranny fluid (transmission and t-case), new oil filter, air filter, wipers For more detail on these repairs see "Update on KJ's truck/Vibration Problem"
Carburetor repair: Used a machine screw and nut on the choke pull-off vacuum diaphragm to make it actually open the choke. Dismantled the entire carb, and generally cleaned. This was to get a better understanding of how this particular carb works (though I know well how carburetion works in general)
The wiring to control the choke is suspect, so if anyone would like to send me a wiring schematic of this assembly, I'd like to inspect it..
I did re-use the old gaskets, and that couldn't be helping my problem.
Ignition "repair": The plug wires appear to be in working order, and clean. It is a new (looking) delco-remy distributor. I haven't pulled the spark plugs yet to check what condition they are in. I don't know if the timing is perfect or what as well. A friend of mine who was trouble shooting a very high idle first closed the choke, and that helped a lot. Then he adjusted the distributor to slow it down a bit more. This is - from what I understand - a no-no. I do know it's not knocking, and it has balls. so it can't be too far off. There is however a vacuum diaphragm hanging off it that is stopping it from turning counter clock wise any more.
Problem: Truck starts hard when cold. It just reminds me of my Malibu, like if it had some more choke it would start right up (Malibu had a manual choke, so I'd just add more.) It starts, revs a little higher then idle and then settles down and dies, like the choke is taken off too early. I haven't had someone start the truck while I was watching to see the operation of the choke.
BIGGER PROBLEM: I have little experience in this field. I definitely know what the usual first question is (and what I'll probably still get.) NO I do not know if the vacuum tubes are good/correct. Right now, I can look under the hood and say "yup, there be a shit load of vacuum tubes under there." But there are a lot that aren't looking so hot, or have been cut and plugged, and a lot of nipples that have some kind of cover over them, and a lot of suspect nipples that don't. Truth be told I don't know how this should be 'hosed' so I can't tell if there going where they should. If someone could give me specifics, of common-failing hoses that could cause this, and if I need to do more than spray them with WD-40 to check them, that would be awesome.
http://www.geocities.com/hawkeye649box/k5.html has pictures of my truck
http://www.geocities.com/hawkeye649box/blazer00.jpg is a picture of the engine compartment
Doesn't show much of the hoses, I can get a clearer picture of them if anyone cares..
Thanks for any help
-The Lonely Grease Monkey 1985' K5 305CUI TH700R4 NP203 KJ's successor
"Ignorance is preferable to error; and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing, then he who believes what is a wrong." - Thomas Jefferson
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