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Over heating
I have a 2000 Chrysler cirrus with a 2.4l and I replaced the thermostat and it still over heating I would suggest checking the fans to ensure that they are coming on as expected. I would also suggest...
1 month ago 1
Speaking of Press
Hit em in the wallet and again?!! California won't buy cars from GM, Chrysler or Toyota because they sided with Trump over emissions. If California stopped buying cars from companies because those...
1 year ago 2
1972 Plymouth Fury Windshield Washer Reservoir Needed
Hi - I've tried, unsuccessfully, to find a replacement windshield washer re servoir for my 1972 Plymouth Gran Fury II (C body) car. The part number is 3431154 They are not making it anymore and I...
2 years ago 3
The 3.3 Chrysler engine
Whether has 3.3 Chrysler engine general reliability? I'd like to realize towards to Intrepid 1994 The 3.3 was a reliable engine. 2011 was the last year for it. It used a tim ing chain instead of a...
2 years ago 1
Check engine light codes
The check engine light has ben turning on and off on my Crysler Lebaron V6 3.0L i turned the ignition on and off then back on i waited for the light to start flashing so i can writ the code down it...
2 years ago
Check engine light code
Chrysler Lebaron convertible 1994 v6 3.0L my check engine light flashed 1,2, 2155
2 years ago
Life expectancy serpentine belt
I have a Chrysler Voyager 2.4L 2005, 320.000 km. Should I replace the serpentine belt for prevention or will it last 500.000 or so?
2 years ago
2000 neon trunk won't unlock
The key to my 2000 Neon turns way past the unlock point but it won't unlock the trunk. I have to trunk release inside the car. What must I do? Is your Neon equipped with some kind of anti-theft...
2 years ago 1
Another mirror problem now!
While backing out of the garage I caught that new mirror on something and it folded forward (yes, it's supposed to be able to bend back). Now it's stiff enough to remain where I want it most of the...
3 years ago 2
"Power" mirror question
I bought on eBay a mirror for my '02 300M that was described as a "power" mirror that "fits" the 300M and some other Chrysler Corp. models. Now I find that it does not have the heat and memory...
3 years ago 6
'02 300M "HomeLink" feature seems to be fading.
Our 300M's "HomeLink" (garage-door control) feeatures worked fine for a long time but now seems to be losing its "oomph": even with the front of the car almost touching the garage door we can't open...
3 years ago 6
Crackling/"Rustling" sound in 300M
While driving at freeway speeds today, I could hear an annoying noise in our '02 Chrysler 300M -- like rustling leaves, perhaps, but loud and constant. Turning off the fan didn't seem to make any...
3 years ago 2
I am the editor-in-chief of a free hobby car magazine Viiksi-Hoppa. Number 9 is out, the great food picture special. The name Viiksi-Hoppa refers to Ford model T and cats whiskers. I like cats. I have...
3 years ago
'02 Town & Country alarm problem
The alarm of a family member's 2002 Town & Country keeps going off, sometimes even during the night and disturbing the neighbors. The immediate remedy is to disconnect the battery overnight, but...
3 years ago
headgasket replacement 2nd time in a week
i have a 2006, I got it with 104.000 on it over a year it has 146.000 on it. I started to see oil in the coolant res about 3 months back was thinking oil cooler but it wasn't, then the only thing is...
3 years ago 1