300m: What is small "air-box" between air filter and engine?

My '00 300m has a largish air intake box mounted over the battery (where the air filter is located) and a large 3" diameter corragated rubber hose running from this box to the engine manifold. But mid-way along this large hose is a smaller 1 or 1.5" side port that is connected to a smaller, irregularly-shaped plastic box - same color and type of construction as the air-intake box.
There are no ports or any sort of connections to this smaller box, and it looks molded in one piece (so I can't take it apart).
I can't figure out what the purpose of this box is, unless it's for some sort of esoteric function like impedance matching or resonance damping.
Anyone know?
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MoPar Man
Ah, ok.
Doing some web-searching on that term comes up with dozens of hits about REMOVING the thing, or about Ford Shelby resonator eliminator kits, but practically nothing about what it does.
I did find this:
"It's purpose is to alleviate the loud sucking noise that would otherwise occur when the throttle body is sucking in air."
Do a lot of cars have this?
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MoPar Man
It might be akin to what some owners of the 440 Magnum used to do: flip over the top of the air cleaner, which bypassed the noise-reduction of the snorkels. Made the 440 really ROAR when you floored it.
Most undignified for owners of overpolite, emasculated, "refined" cars like Lexus.
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GP49 writes:
Though, of course, the stated intent was to bypass the flow restriction in the snorkels.
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Joe Pfeiffer

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