91 NY Serpentine slippage fixed!

After reading about the 3.3/3.8 belt slipping off in wet weather, I took my New Yorker Fifth Avenue to the dealer. There was a TSB from 92 that had several parts, including a flanged tensioner and repositioning a bolt. As I understand it, this problem is still going on. After four slippages, I hope that this has now taken care of the problem. The tow guy says that every time it rains hard, he gets more calls from Caravans and Town and Country's with the 3.8. Why won't Chrysler fix this?
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any 92 chrysler must/should be dead by now.
Let me tell you this to summurize: There was a house soemwhere in midwest. the roof leaks when it rains. wife complains about the leak. husband responds, it is raining right now, I cannot go and fix it now. When it is sunny, wife reminds him about the leak. he responds back, it isnt leaking any more.
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u c coskun

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