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My 09 PT turned on the oil pressure warning light. So I took it to the dealer about 11:30 today. It needed an oil change anyway and was also due for it's 30K spark plug replacement. At 3:30 the dealer called to say it was ready. I paid and looked at the bill as I was going out to get the car. They had run a full diagnostic on the car and it pumped out an error code for the oil pressure, low battery voltage, and gas system leak. They did the work I ordered and also put in a new battery and gas cap at no charge plus washed the car. Compared to any other dealer I've ever dealt with their service has been amazing. And they run a shuttle all day within 30 miles of the dealership. I hope Chrysler comes back and recaptures a large share of the market if they can keep on with this kind of service, not to mention that the PT has been an outstanding vehicle so far, esp considering it's a 10+ year old design.
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------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chrysler should bring back the PT Cruiser. I loved our '03 and '05 Convertible. I do not know why they killed it off? It was selling well.
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If this...and the improvements/upgrades in the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger...are truly "The New Chrysler", things are looking WAY up.
However, in the past, Chrysler dealer policy and procedures have varied widely from one store to the next. I hope this is changing, or has changed already.
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has been an outstanding car. It's the smallest and slowest car I've ever owned. But I wish all the cars I've had were as trouble and squeak free after 4 years old that this PT has been after 11 years. It's one of 3 cars I have and just drive it occasionally now. The Audi's, Volvo's, BMW's all gave me much more trouble and higher cost than this PT.
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I also had oil sender problem ,got new one & problem went away by its self. New gas cap also but light still on ! Where did they hide the damn charcoal canister ?? I can't find it. Wish I would of kept my 89 Airies ! 15 years old &185 K the front end was still tight. My 02 PT was 1 year old when front wheel bearing froze. and on my wifes 03 two tie rods & all the front bushings were replaced at 60K !
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