C4 Heater repaired followup..

First Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All Here.... I had a stressful Corvette Christmas...
There were a couple of us that C4's heater wouldn't get hot and I decided
to get into it Christmas, it was a very warm day out and sunny, sooooo....
I have a PowerStat in it and I thought I faintly remembered years ago I had to go back to a stock T-Stat to get he heater to work.. Plus the coolant wasn't the cleanest looking. ANd I didn't see any Heater Control Valve on the outside of the core box area. So my plan of attack was to drain the coolant (petcock and T-stat out, not the pain in the ass draining at the knock sensors), run some coolant system cleaner and add a Stant 180 deg Stat with new coolant.
Did the above then letting water flow through the system for around 15-20 minutes. And buttoned down the T-Stat and added the 50/50 mix of Coolant/Water. Bled the fittings at the T-Stat Housing and T-Body. While sitting there running had the digital readout of temp displayed, it read 198 sitting idling..... Shut down the engine and heard boiling in the filler tank....... looked at the gauge and it read almost pegged...... SOOOO I learned the digital readout and the gauge picks up signals at different places.
Let it cool off and sure enough it needed more coolant, Guess the new Stant T-Stat was stuck then finally opened....... OR with the reverse flow on the LT1 the water from the radiator wasn't warm enough to open the T-Stat, even after idling for a while.... <shrugs shoulders> Weird!! Filled her up and headed out, got down the road a mile or so and it DIED after doing the OptiSpark Lurch...... ARRRRGGGGHHH The Opti got wet. Tried all afternoon to get it to start, it would just do the Opti spit and pop. Rounded up a couple guys in the neighborhood and PUSHED it home, attached the Battery Charger ........ LOLOL Bought a bottle of Maker's Mark today for a appreciation gift to them. We were winded after that long of push... LOLOL
I was nestled on the sofa with visions of $1400 dancing in my head...... LOLOL I kept at it over the night and finally got it to start and let it run after it would finally idle on it's own and monitored the Temp Gauge....... It seemed to level out around 198-200 and had a HOT HEATER NOW!!!! <golf clap> Took the chance and drove it to the shop this morning...... Seems OK. The 94 and up have the Opti with the Vent. <wipes brow> I remember back in 94 - 95 I used to hose off the engine regularly and it would spit and sputter and didn't think anything about it. Til I started reading the Vette Groups and discovered I was basically playing with OptiDeath.... Since then the engine just has to have dirt and dust on it!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
Sooooo if any of you guys with a PowerStat & C4 heater woes, go to a stock style stat for the winter.... betcha it works :-)
Ric Seyler
Online Racing: RicSeyler
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