Re: Good GM/Bad GM

What a line. First, if you like Detroit, buy a Ford. Second, if you want north american made you can buy Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMZ, Zenn and what ever becomes of GM & Chrysler. Goner Motors? People have lots of choices without GM.
GM isn't the be all end all for north American manufacturing, hasn't been that way for 5 decades. Get over it, and stop the BS. Most people are too inteligent to take the union rant and BS seriously.
What will stop is union stupid demands, BS and management so incompetant and embarasing incompetant managment you wouldn't want to put GM on your resume. What will stop is taxpayer pocket picking and corruption. GM is so far in the hole it is done for. In fact, it would be humane just to get GM into chapter 11 tomorrow and get it over with.
And it isn't like GM does not use foreign parts. In fact many with Asian names have more north american content than th Detroit models.
And what does GM pay for these days? It isn't bond holders or other debt holders. It isn't pensions, or taxes. Even the government does the warranty. It sure isn't suppliers, taxpayers buy the parts. Makes one wonder what GM is good for besides robbing wealth from non-auto taxpayers.
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