Won't Start - Will Start - Won't - Will - And So On??

Recently I had the passenger side DOOR HANDLE/LOCK replaced after a break-in. For the pass week or so, I have been experiencing start-up
problems. When turning the key - nothing, turn again - still nothing. On the third attempt, the '94 cranked right up as normal. The voltmeter
was all the way up. It began to fall to normal the longer the engine ran. Thought everything was back to normal, as it repeatedly started again again. Until 2 days later - same thing all over again. Went through the same starting procedure - 3rd try - cranked right up. Each time, there was no slow-battery draining whine. It cranked right up as it should. This has happened off & on for the last few days. NTW tested it today, and everything checked out perfect. It seems that after the '94 sits over night or a couple of days, it has this same starting problem. Any- one have any idea what the SAM HILL is going on. I don't think the LOCK repair could be related, but what do I Know. PLEASE HELP.
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