Isuzu advertises 78 mpg for DMAX 4 x 2 cab pickup!

Isuzu advertises 78 mpg for DMAX 4 x 2 cab pickup, full-size and diesel powered!
If true, U.S. national security demands this model be importable as-is and
be available for immediate sale at every Isuzu dealership. It will instantly solve our oil overconsumption, without any needed further discussion. Isuzu published this claim in print on Monday, June 26, 2006 on page 5 of "The Freeman," (Vol. 38, No. 340) This hard-copy daily is a member of the Philippine Star Group of Publications, web presence,
The phenomenal fuel mileage claim was attributed to their model DMAX 4 x 2 full size cab pickup truck. View this wonder at:
On page 7, Isuzu claimed 71 mpg for their ALTERRA model SUV. See this one at:
On page 3, Isuzu made a rediculous claim when it said their CROSSWIND SPORTIVO achieved 196 mpg in the 2003 Isuzu Challenge in Cebu. Don't sue them just yet for false advertising because it has to be an innocent typographical error. But, if it isn't, let us get the legal machinery in motion to stop them on the spot. View this incredible machine at:
As I said, if Isuzu advertising is truthful, they are heros, our saviours. Bless them.
But, if not true, then they are guilty as charged for fraudulent advertising. For punishment, I recommend complete refunds on all cars sold if their buyers based their decisions on the fake ads. I would also, as judge, order Isuzu to advertise a weekly retraction in all Filipino newspapers for the next six months. Just about everything in the Philippines is fake, from Microsoft software to truth-in-advertising. Lawyers out there in Manila and Cebu, here's your chance to sue big time these fat cats if it turns out they make fake claims. Remember the Pepsi 349 campaign? Pepsi = Swindlers
Since these ads are not online for you to see, I have extracted a few juicy tidbits from page 3:
"2 days. Over a thousand kms. With only P1000 worth of fuel." (translated roughly as "Over 600 miles, on $18 diesel fuel")
"No engine shutdown. No turning off of aircons. No designated stops. No tricks. All real. Happening on July 7 to 8" [2006].
"When speed calls, they answer. Anjo Perez, a photojournalist and Erle Sebastian a deskman for Manila Bulletin know exactly how to live life on the fast lane. Their work requires no detour and pushes them to the limits of speed. Those who wish to thwart them in the race need to take a look at their 83.45 km/liter mileage efficiency rating that placed them on top spot in the 2003 Isuzu Challenge in Cebu. Will they end up winners in this year's Isuzu Challenge?"
83.45 km/liter = 196.29 miles per gallon!
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