Re: 1994 Dodge Shadow Gear Sticking

mkaake Wrote: > For some reason the car won't shift into 3rd gear. This seems to only > be in the winter. Any ideas?
Sorry, my wife signed me up and posted. Here's a little background:
First, we're dealing with the A413 in a '94 Shadow, 2.2 TBI. From the time we picked it up about 4 years ago, it's rather sluggardly about shifting into 3rd when it's cold outside. Sometimes it takes a good 10-15 mintues of driving before the tranny will shift into 3rd gear.
Anyway, about 9 months ago the car got put into storage (our garage) after we moved, as we were able to make it on one vehicle (and needed the extra money saved on car insurance to put towards the house). A couple of days ago, we pulled it out and got it back into shape for my brother, who's tranny crapped out on him on the highway last week.
Well, now it seems that it doesn't want to shift into 3rd at all. My brother does have it right now, 2 hours away, so I can't play with it. Initially I figured it was just a solenoid that was stuck after 9 months of nothingness, but if that was the case, I would have figured it would free itself up on his first drive. After driving for about 30 minutes, he couldn't get 3rd gear, so he pulled over to give me a call... and when he pulled back out on to the highway, it shifted just fine. But talking to him yesterday, he said it's still not shifting into 3rd...
So I was hoping for some opinions - if I've got a dead solenoid, bad clutches, or just need some new fluid / filter going on in there. The car's got about 122k miles, and I believe it's the original trans fluid. It's the 3 speed auto, with the 2.2 TBI (yeah, it's had several head gaskets)...
thanks -

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