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1100 fiat uno
Did my cylinder head skimmed fit with new bolt etc car drove perfect when i got home car didnt want to start but starts with choke out but dont want to idle with choke in but then the revs dip and...
1 year ago 1
Here comes the 2020 Fiat 500X Sport
Fiat has turned up the heat with this hot little Fiat 500X Sport From AB Fiat trotted out the new and improved 500X at the 2018 LA Auto Show. This year the Italian carmaker follows up at Automobility...
1 year ago
Fiat Punto 2001 mk2 sudden power loss - still not solved
Hi, I have a Fiat Punto mk2 2001. After a DIY engine oil and oil filter change, the car was not running smoothly and after a day or two we experienced loss of power. It is very noticeable when...
2 years ago 1
Fiat Seicento suddenly seems as if it has run out of Petrol
My daughter's 2001 Seicento behaved itself for a few weeks after purchase d uring which time I used it as she has a bus pass still. I had a problem ge tting the key out of the petrol filler cap so I...
3 years ago
Fiat: Forever 500
Film by Cyriak, surrealistic artist for the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat 500 60th Anniversary Launch.
3 years ago
and.... here is the Fiat 124 Spider Europa
> One other great reveal at Geneva is the Fiat 124 Spider Europa. What a beautiful car. Sure to turn some heads > > From CS > > > > Besides getting ready to blow 60 candles off the 500's cake, Fiat...
4 years ago
The Fiat 500X And Tipo now have a S DESIGN version
> If you have been waiting for an S DESIGN version for your favorite Fiat 500x or Tipo - it is here now > > From CS > > > > Fiat's offerings for this year's Geneva Motor Show include not just special...
4 years ago
Hi. If someone can help me to solve a problem I have on my Panda with Dualogic?
I put my Panda in N shift, with the key at the MAR position (without starting up the engine) and push the car about 1 m (to roll it with the engine off) and then put the parking brake. I left it like...
5 years ago
Fiat version of Mazda MX-5 Miata to be called 124 Spider
I wish they would start making more cars to look more retro with all of today's technology features. FROM: AB Fiat has a definite use for its recent US trademark on the 124 Spider name, and it's...
5 years ago
Fiat Punto will not start, I turn the key and just hear a clicking sound
My Fiat Punto sometimes will not start, when I turn the key I just hear a clicking sound. All the dashboard lights come on and the central locking works fine. Usually if I wait 5 minutes it will then...
6 years ago
Fiat recalling 500e for faulty power inverter
Chrysler is recalling 4,141 Fiat 500e models from the 2013 and 2014 model years because they could lose power. From AB STATEMENT: POWER INVERTER MODULE May 9, 2014 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - Chrysler...
6 years ago
Fiat updates 500 with new display
Just last month at the Geneva Motor Show, Fiat announced some updates for the European-spec 500, including a new dashboard display. Now it's announced that the same updates are being applied to the...
6 years ago
The Fiat 500 Cult
The Fiat 500 has proved to be a huge success and they are celebrating with the Fiat 500 Cult. Also sure to be a success. From AB Geneva sees the début of the Fiat 500 MY 14 and its ultimate...
6 years ago
Fiat updates Euro-spec 500 with new equipment, Cult trim
It's been seven years since Fiat relaunched the 500, and it has been a huge success. From AB THE 2014 FIAT 500 RANGE, INCLUDING NEW CULT AND TWINAIR 105HP VERSIONS, TO DEBUT AT GENEVA MOTOR SHOW New...
6 years ago
New Fiat Panda Cross
The Fiat Panda Cross is a adorable little car. It is also a off road car , if needed. From AB ALL-NEW FIAT PANDA CROSS TO DEBUT AT 2014 GENEVA MOTOR SHOW Based on the successful and hugely capable...
7 years ago