79 Trans Am with 455 Olds

Well, the Olds 403 was found in these cars, and for sure headers were available for that.
I don't know enough about Oldsmobile engines to know how similar the exhaust port layout is on 403 vs. 455, but there are some comments here that claim that 403 headers will more or less work:
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They shouldn't fit, given that Jegs has different part numbers for 403 headers (all of which fit Cutlass and Firebird) and 455 headers (which only fit Cutlass).
Talking with a header company is your best bet.
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Ed Treijs
did some quick searching and found a list for heads for the engine but dont know about them fitting in the body, still you might have to contact a company, or person to fabricate them for you. here is the link with the list that i have found. hope it helps.
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