Attn: Brent Franker - Questions regarding lowering (repost)

I just posted this a few days ago and as I was trying to figure this out, I went through your website again and realized you were using the
same components I am and I wanted to know what your opinion was of this issue and if you know how to correct it. If you have some time to review this and reply, I'd appreciate it!
I have a '95 Z28 which I have recently done some suspension mods. I used an Eibach lowering kit to lower it 1.3 inches along with some KYB shocks and new swaybar, etc. I did not include an extra set of bump stop springs. I also have a set of Enkei "Win" wheels with some BF Goodrich rubber. The wheels are 9.5 inches wide with the proper tires.
The problems I am having are that the setup definitely makes the car flat in tight turns and it is much more responsive but the springs, while stiffer than stock, do not prevent the car from bottoming out more frequently as well as allowing the rear tires to scrape the inside edge of the wheel well.
Usually when I am driving slow it's not a problem but there have been several spots where, if I am going too fast, the car bottoms out and the tires scrape. Also, exiting out of parking lots where the transition between the slope down from the lot to the slope up to the street causes the back end to drop hard.
The questions are is this normal for the Eibach springs to allow the back end to drop so hard. Would this be prevented by adding bump stops or would that just cause the back end to slam hard against the inner springs? Are the KYB shocks to blame? Was 1.3 inches too much? Do I need to narrow up the wheels back to the stock rims and if so, what will that do to the handling now?
So far, the right rear tire is the victim and it's getting kind of ragged along the outer edge though it doesn't appear to be degrading the safety nor cutting into the "meat" of the rubber. The left rear doesn't seem to have the same issue which is odd. Also my tailpipes are scraping and the left side has already broken it's bracket which was welded to the frame.
Should I raise it back up in the back only or will that throw off the balance if the front remains 1.3 inches lower? I wouldn't feel too bad if I had to go back to stock rims so they fit inside the wheel well but I don't want to sacrifice my new better handling.
Thanks for the help,
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