SLP Shift Improvement Module - a "Must Have"!!!

I received an SLP Shift Improvement module from my brother for Christmas (okay, I hinted strongly ;-). Anyway, this is the best $27
you'll spend on your F-body if you have an automatic transmission!
Installation is simple, although their instructions leave a bit to be desired. Chief complaint is that they describe 2 different colored wires coming out of the module, but mine had 2 wires of the same color. I had to wait until Jan 5 to call and find that either wire can be used in either location described in the instructions. The only other complaint is that they say to remove the PCM without saying what it is or where to find it. For the experts that's not a problem, but I wasn't sure-enough of what they were talking about to cut any wires...
What it did... I tried to set my expectations low and hope that I could at least discern that I had added a performance improvement part. As soon as I shifted into reverse the thump I felt made it clear I wan't in Kansa anymore.
I backed out of the garage, popped it into drive and began the leisurely drive out of the neighborhood. The car shifted at it's usual point (only about 10 feet down the road) and the high torque of my LT1 gave me a kick. Hmmmmmm, this could be good! Slowly turning out of from a stop sign on wet streets and the shift to second caused the tires to briefly break traction (again the streets were wet).
I wasn't able to give it a full workout under power because of the wet streets, but the results I did see were impressive. Although you don't have the benefit of choosing the shift points like you do with a manual trans., you definately get the feel of aggressive shifting.
My favorite part is that it not only changes the upshifting, but it also helps the downshifting! Usually stomping the gas to pass causes as long of a delay waiting for the downshift as the rest of pass takes to complete (I exaggerate, but it's an eternity to me). The same is true when I'm slowly accelerating and then need to kick-in the power...long delay. Not with the shift improvement module, though! I could practically feel it shifting down as I applied the power!
Possible Mod to the Mod: I'm actually thinking of placing a switch on each of the wires coming from the Shift Improvement Module to turn this feature on-and-off (while the engine is off, of course). Each of the 2 wires from the module simply intersects a wire coming from the PCM, so toggling them both out should not hurt anything. This would give me the option of turning on the boost when I want it and removing it when my wife has to drive my car or the roads are wet ;-)
I'm heading to the track with it as soon as it opens back up in late January, so we'll see what it does there. I hope this info is helpful to some of you...
Zack Jones ><> SR-71 (Blackbird) '97 Firebird Formula
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