EATC Problems '02 Taurus SEL *Please* Help

So I just bought a 2002 Ford Taurus SEL yesterday. I work at a dealership so I was scoping it out for a good amount of time. Took it
home for a weekend and decided I wanted it. I looked over it along with a mechanic buddy of mine and everything checked out. It had 54,000 miles on it. The EATC system looked really cool, and I always see if the AC works, so I tried it, and it worked. I took it home just yesterday, and it was blowing cold air fine. I decided, that with the heat, I'd never turned it up higher than 60 degrees, which is the coldest. I proceeded to change the temperature I turned it up higher until it stopped at 90 degrees, the highest. It started blowing hot air, as I'd expected it to. Now comes the problem...
I turned it back down to 60 degrees, and it still blows very, very hot air. I've turned off the car several times, turned off the EATC system several times, and it never blows anything except scalding hot air.
I believe that the EATC system "thinks" it's blowing cold air, when it isn't. When I have it at 60 degrees, and press Auto, it blows this hot air as hard as it can. When the temperature is set at 80 or above, the fan slows down, because it knows it's already warm. So it seems to me, though I'm not a professional by any means, that it believes it's blowing cold air, when really it's not. If anyone, could shed ANY light on this situation whatsoever, I'd appreciate it.
I've been researching this subject for a couple hours now, and have come up rather empty handed. Thanks in advance for any help, hope to get an answer to this problem soon. I'm in love with the car, but this problem is bad.
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