FAQ: Cleaning MAF

A simple google search gets you lots of ideas on cleaning the MAF.
But there's ALSO a lot of ignorance about it!
Use rubbing alcohol, cheap and leaves NO residue. DO NOT USE WINDEX or any
spray automotive degreaser! Dont use "tuner/contact cleaner" may or may not be suitable so why worry.
- AND-
The thing, as any hardware EE can tell you, IS NOT real fragile; soft-medium bristle paint or chip brush works fine... key is dont drop it or bend anything.
.. another ignorant thing to do is use a Q tip! If you leave a couple fibers on the sensor wires, that could disturb air flow over the sensor. Not saying it would, but why do that in the first place! Right tool for the job is a bristled paint brush. it gets between wire windings down to the bobbin/substrate
Dip brush in alcohol and go across and with winding several times, repeat... rinse by pouring alcohol over sensor
Remove the sensor fron the housing, directly. Use locking pliers to loosen, jewelers driver to remove screws, replace screws with same thread phillips if you want.
If you want to clean the MAF housing body, do it with any spray cleaner with sensor removed. -suggest throttle body cleaner
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