Re: Dealing with Flood Cars

Hey, thanks Earl! Real good info here. Even thou I'm not planning on buying a car anytime soon but still good to know what to look for.

damaged cars.

topic. Flooded cars. With the 2 major hurricanes that hit the gulf

numbers aren't in yet, you can bet that there will be many ten

companies, many of them will be sold, and some will be sold by

in a flood. In this article we will look at how to identify a

a flood.

only if, the car went through an insurance claim, then there is a

check on our website at

check is only the first step. Physical inspection of the

out unnecessary physical inspection trips.

unless you are buying it from a dealer you trust. To look for

cloudy or milky, that is a sign of water in the crankcase. If the

and might be a red flag.

the area just below the front seats. Look for areas of silt,

EVERYWHERE. It is very hard to clean out without removing and

in clean-ups and will often show silt or water marks.

rear axle is also a place that is often missed when someone tries

look for signs of water contamination in these oils.

This is a broad category, but using a bit of common sense

new seats, and other areas that would have been a more logical

dealer will have no problem with the vehicle being appraised by a 3rd

you are unaware of. But what if you know the car was in a

are looking at a full nut and bolt restoration in many cases.

cannot leak out. If a car has been under only a few feet of water,

it becomes a case of how long it was in that condition. Rust

surfaces. How quickly it was drained, dried, treated and re-filled

the car was cranked while water was in the crankcase, then

journal scarring, etc.

circuit burnout when placed underwater. As a former firefighter,

with all the external lights on. Just imagine what that

with less electronics are less likely to have major damage. Later

upholstery. At the most total replacement.

mid five figures or better, it is best to leave it alone.

offer a full appraisal service, pre-purchase consultations and

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