Re: Diesel/Gas Fords Trks Cost $ame

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that is what I going on Ed ... use it as a Ranch truck out here in California ... haul feed for the critters, wood for the stove, go play around with moving things.
Diesel are more robust I have found (in the Midwest all vehicles get eat up by the snow and salt) ... and in California for the most part they stay around for a long time. It is easy getting 30 years out of a vehicle here if you want to keep it up ... so get those 450,000 mile BMWs and Diesel ... right now it is Ford that is the best cause it can use Bio-fuel out the gate.
No getting my Chenny hung up in a knot when they gas hog me ... as I can get fuel out the fry-o-lator down the street at McDonalds or Benni-hana or Pepe's Taco Stand at 80% reduction in green house toxic gases.
so I go Diesel all the time now ... Diesel Electric is my dream car/truck as I can then use solar panels to get free miles for city driving up to 120 miles per solar day.
Easy to do ... just have to put it together out of any electric car really.
I was just SURPRISED to find Diesel and Gas engines cost the same ... or selling them the same on the used ticket at Craig's list ... here in California again ... in our own economy.
We have a LOT of vehicles here and have special Lemon Laws and Pollution Laws that accounts for a BIG share of the market for them to make money off of California.
Bush League Idiots put a kabosh on that for all of US now thanks to Bush the Worst not connecting the dots again ... and they keep him in office all this time ... Chenny will kill them like they were a Minnasota Senator if they don't.
sumbuddie peaking behind the curtain.
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