Re: Stop the old oil change's the scoop

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007 19:40:31 -0700, "Daryl Bryant"

Don't forget that Beetle only had a 5 PINT capacity and was air cooled with large cylinder clearances by todays standards allowing tons of combustion by-product contamination of the oil. It needed changing every 2K or less. That old Beetle engine also had valve adjustment recommended every 2K miles making an oil change convenient at that time. Many of us including myself have owned Beetle and have fond memories but, they were not in the same league as modern cars when it come to reliability and durability.
In the late 60's, I did all the oil maintenance testing for several seagoing vessels in our group. I also threw in samples from shipmates vehicles from time to time as a favor and because comparisons were needed for calibration purposes. At less than 1K miles on average, the Beetles were invariably over limits allowed for our Diesel main prop engines which never had the oil changed unless it was found to be contaminated. My '63 Falcon w/260 V8 with 90k miles on the clock could make it to around 2k miles. My Mach I would easily top 4K miles and be in specs as would all of the other late 60's cars I tested. I went to a 5K change interval using dino oil and good quality filters more than 25 years ago and still get more than 200K with no problems on an engine. I think that may still be too often but, it is easy to keep up with. Once a car or light truck of mine gets past 200K miles, I consider it free mileage.
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