REFUND Bear $terns GOOD NAME -- I want the 200 Million back (was: $eig Heil Obamabush)

I want a refund.
Give Bear Sterns their good name back ... we OVERPAID by $200 million and take it back out of the toilet ... it is not gone.
What ... they spent $200 million in the last 30 days ... sure they did.
Wake up people ...
IF I got an IRS check in OVERPAYMENT ... well fox me abner loo-e-ma style ... the IRS gonna get it back.
TARP gets it back ... Obamabush has to show US ... what toxic assets they are buying ... where are they ... show US .. show the pictures of what costs $700 billion. Show US ... stop lying.
Pay off the debt ..
balance the budget ...
stop the war ...
stop being an idiot with poor judgement of the foxing white boys club.
IRS get their money out of me .. but Bear Sterns is to big to bailout huh ... to big to fail ... buy their good name.
well Fox you President Obama ...
get the money back ... all of it.
Tell US what is going on ... show us what you want to buy .. tell US why.
Lies lies lies don't work for US no more.
So you in debt ... we not gonna spend shit until you get our house in order.
Change change change ... transparency transparency tranparency.
walk your talk ... otherwise you look like that other Jesus freak of an Idiot from down south who hates their mom and dad inside ...
not Bush the Worst
... Oprah.
I want my money back ... it belongs to US ... it is ours .. not theirs.
sumbuddie wear blind sea
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