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on 11th jan i posted the following
beware, if u drive a 05 focus, brought my 05 focus to ford garage today as i could hear a knocking noise and it was driving me mad, i thought
it was coming from rear of the car, took service manager for spin so he could hear it, he said even before getting into the car that he had an idea what it might be! turns out that all ford garages had be warned recently about a problem with front suspension, believe it or not the wrong type of grease was used on some part of it and this causes a knocking sound! front suspension was replaced under warranty, however he told me that there was not going to be a recall but if you complain about a knocking noise they will cover it!
a week later the noise returned! brought it back to the garage, same service guy took it for spin, came back and said it now needed a replacement boot catch, 1 hour later and a new boot catch, took car for spin and noise still there. service guy says he cannot understand! i sit back in reception and they put it up on ramp to have a proper look,(should have done this in the first place) ten mins later he's back grinning from ear to ear, problem fixed he says, ant-static strip that was hanging from rear of car was loose and whenever someone sat in the back, car went down and upward pressure caused the bolt holding the strip to rattle against the car frame?
managed to wrangle a free service for all the inconvenience
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