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1.4l 2006 focus not starting
I have a 06 1.4l focus not starting.i have spark,fuel at the codes showing on only prime on first turn of key but stop after only 1 help would be appreciated.
4 months ago
Aftermarket CD player install causing car to not start!
I bought an aftermarket cd player as well as the install kit and wiring harness. Followed basic directions to remove factory. Then followed instructions on wiring harness install and then mounting...
1 year ago
Ford Announced a Recall of 2012 to 2018 Focuses
I usually don't take recalls seriously. Why? Two short stories. One, bac k in 1999, I bought a 1999 Ford Escort new. Well, new for the most part. It was brought in on dealer exchange and I got a new...
2 years ago
Engine Malfunction Light On
Hi. I bought 2010 Ford Galaxy TDCI TITANIUM Auto a week ago. The gentleman changed the Auto Gear Box already and the DPF Cleaned. Now the problem is the Engine Malfunction Light is ON. It appears...
3 years ago
Ford Focus 2006 won't start red light keeps flashing
My ford focus 2006 won't start red light on the dash keeps flashing when ignition is turned on and tried everything the 3a fuse under the bonnet apparently could be ignition relay? under the steering...
3 years ago
2006 wagon ~ back windshield wiper stopped working.
Do I need to replace a motor back there ?
4 years ago
Ford focus can u tell me what colour paint code is daw
It is telling me grey but looks very much blue
4 years ago
Ford Focus Mk1 Electrical Problem
High there, I'm in need of some help. My mk1 Focus is behaving strangely and I wondered if anyone had an ideas as to the cause. I think it's electrical. It started two weeks ago, a few days after I...
4 years ago
Unlock steering wheel
My ford focus 2012 wheel locked up. I tried turning it back and forth, i disconnected the battery and that did not help. Its a push start car can anyone help? The car will start up i just cant move...
4 years ago
Unable to find cigarette lighter socket on 2010 Ford Focus
I've just acquired a Ford Focus, but I'm unable to find the socket. There is a compartment at the bottom of the main unit where the radio and other controls are, but this is empty. There is nothing...
4 years ago
Oil burning question
Got an older model Focus 99/00 UK model. Obviously, its burning a little bit of oil due to its age. Started using Castrol Magnatec, as I thought that would help slow down further wear on the engine...
4 years ago
2015 Ford Focus ST is Sleek
The new focus gets sleeker and improved dynamics. From AB Ford Reveals New Focus ST at Goodwood; Demonstrates Model's Enhanced Driving Dynamics on Famous Hill Climb - New 2015 Ford Focus ST makes...
4 years ago 1
2012 ford focus will not start
everything is fine, lights, battery, even the radio - just wont start. when I finally get it to start, it says something about "hill assist"
5 years ago
2008 Dashboard radio controls
Hi, I have a 2008 focus with the 6 cd changer. Earlier this year it jammed and I spent $3xx getting the dealer to pull out the CD player and send it back to ford for repair. About 2 months ago I had...
5 years ago
Speed sensor (YET AGAIN).
They do say "You get what you pay for". Just learned this the hard way. Couple of years ago, the speedo died on my Focus, so replaced the speed sensor with one of those cheap OEM ones you get off...
5 years ago 1