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Failing motor mount
Leave it to Ford to build interesting products that they can't fix very well... My 2001 Focus 5spd started to have a humming/buzz come from the front when you went over a dip. Not suspensi...
13 years ago
Focus with or without DPF?
Can any of you experts tell me the pros and cons of the DPF (diesel particulate filter) please?, other than the one with DPF is more expensive of course!
13 years ago 5
Ford Focus Starting Problem
Hi everyone... I've just re-built a Focus Endura DI Turbo Diesel engine.. Plumbed it all in and it refuses to start. I've run diagnostics from empty fuel tank to crank shaft sensor.. all of the ...
13 years ago 5
imported Focuses
How would I go about recognising if a Ford Focus has been imported?... what kind of things would I look for? I have even tried to look on google to see if the VIN no. interpretation would tell me ...
13 years ago 11
electric schematis ford focus 2001 station
anybody have or know where i can find electrical schematics of ford focus station 2001 , i cant find nothing in portugal.i have some haynes but thei have not nothing of focus.
13 years ago 1
Has anyone changed the gasket on the thermostat housing were it attaches to the engine. It's a U.S. made z-tec engine? Can an amateur do it?
13 years ago 3
Reset button. focus 2001 station
Don't I know if all already know, but did I discover now that when I press the button reset of the partial accountant of km of my ford focus 2001 and do I maintain pressed and later I do tie the k...
13 years ago 4
Rear deck child safety seat covers?
Hi, all. I've got a 2001 Focus SE, and while going through a detailing and cleaning bit the other day realized that two of the three small plastic covers that go over the attachment points for ...
13 years ago
Trip Odometer Reset
The mileage on the trip odometer resets to zero on occasion when my 2004 SE is started. Anyone have any ideas as to the cause? -- Don
13 years ago 1
My sons 2001 Focus has a bad miss in it. I changed the plugs because it was time and it didn't fix it. While the car is running I pulled 1 plug wire at a time to see if the motor will pull down. 3...
13 years ago 20
Headlight beam for Europe
Focus Ghia 2002. Can the headlight beam be switched from r.h.d (England) to l.h.d (France etc), easily? Thanks, John.
13 years ago 3
How Do I Locate Air Con Vent Tube in Ford Focus?
Can anyone tell me in plain English, or even better, produce a photo, of where the air con drain tube is on the Ford Focus? Mine is a 2001 1.8 Petrol model and I want to check if it is blocked.
13 years ago 1
Focus dials to max on ignition
Hi, On ignition my '99 focus dashboard dials (speedo, revs, petrol gauge) all fly up to max for a couple of seconds than drop back to normal. This doesn't appear to cause any more problems and it ...
13 years ago 9
2000 focus heater fan switch
Can anyone tell me how to remove the dash so that i can replace the heater fan switch?
13 years ago 15
How do I shut off the Parimeter Alarm?
When I bought my 2004 ZX5 when ever I opened the trunk or doors without first using the remote entry system the horn would beep and the lights flash. Now that doesn't happen and the dealer (2nd one ...
13 years ago