I guess Canadian newspapers don't print much news. Gm has made money all of last year i think approx 7 billion. with a B after eliminating 4 brands they are still nbr 1 in the world so they
cant be doing all bad. All of the old managers are gone. there will always be union problems but that part of doing business 95% of union members are just like us just trying to make the best of what they have. you probably never worked in a auto plant with union members, they were better than most non union that i worked with for 35 years,
You just want to bash GM probably because they didn't hire you or they fired you or a family member.
Get your facts straight and have a new thought.
The govt gives money to all the auto company foreign and domestic so don't get you panties in a bunch.
The economy has already received more than the money spent.
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On 14/01/2012 4:02 PM, Tom wrote:

Bullshit. You just mortgaged your grand kids economic future for GM/union greed today.
Fact is you liars say it saves jobs, but in fact may have made it worse, especially in the long haul.
Now I know this will be over fleabagger brains, but will try.
If you steal $1000 in taxes from all Americans to keep corrupt auto going, yep, GM jobs stay. But all across America, everyone has less to spend locally, so in fact they will hire less. You just shifted the burden from one place to another like squeezing tooth paste.
It gets more complex, just more debt you say? Hey, more debt means more Bernanke/US Fed money creation. And that creates inflation. And people with less jobs from the wealth confiscation (GM taxes) qar not getting raises, so they buy fewer goods as the buck doesn't go as far.
See, money is like stock. Print twice as much for bailouts and corruption, and just big fat nosy government, you then decrease the value of each share by 1/2 to get 100% inflation.
If you just closed GM completely, with 100% layoff, then prehaps Ford and others would have kept more plants and people on to compensate. As in the end, it is the economies cunsumption of jobs than drives auto jobs. They buy less, there is less jobs.
So by stealing via the tax system, your customers spend less. Like a vicious cercle too....less jobs...less GM....less jobs for bailouts...on an on it goes.
As government consumption of wealth is higher than the economy produces. And why USA is going BANKRUPT via currency devlautation.
Did you know if you converted $100K USD to Yuan in 2006 when Democrats print money types took office, that in USD today without any interest being paid it would be worth over $140K USD?
Hey, the reason government can't fix the economy, is government corruption (including bailouts) is the problem. Government isn't going to admit it, like dogmatic corrupt bozo idiots, they are like stunned sheep looking at a freight train coming right at them.
But I am sure Carlyle Group and Cerberus (Chrysler) enjoyed getting he billions to bailout their billionaires. And Wagoner, also from harvard like 0bama, enjoys his $20M buy out for trashing GM.
And you wonder why a Tata Nano with 54 mpg and Euro crsh rated, heaters and A/C work too, only cost $3500 while a GM Volt costs $41000 plus bailout. China, similar, they produce 4x4 trucks for less than $10K. Blowing the USA away in productivity.
GM Volt, a total waste of cash. Just pissing money away to ignore the real problems. And will people be pissed if they have to buy a new battey when the lithium one funny, $8K per isn't cheap.
No mater how liberally you try to ignore rationality and reality,
reality always wins in the end.
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