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In the 70s and 80s my wife and I purchased 6 new GM cars and was less than satisfied with every one. Early 90s she bought her first Honda and myself
a Toyota. We were able to drive all of these cars longer than the GMs. I have a 9 yo Toyota and the wife a 6 yo Honda, wonderful cars. Over the last several years we have been thinking about trying another new GM car as we know quality has come up. The way I feel about the bail-out goes like this, If our tax money is used to prop up the US car companies I will go out of my way to NEVER even consider another GM , Ford or Chrysler product. The reason they are in trouble is because they are poorly run by too many fat cats being told by the unions to overpay and underwork their lazy workforce. The country does not need GM Ford or Chrysler or the UAW anymore. We have mant other WELL-RUN companies building cars and trucks right here using well paid and happy American workers. I can find more made in USA parts on my '03 Ohio built Accord than I can my Neighbors '04 Monte Carlo SS that was built I Canada with a Mexican engine. The Accord engine and trans are built in Anna, Ohio and the car put together in Marysville Ohio. I think it ironic to all the nascar fans that say the Camry has no right to be in Nascar because it is foriegn car. The Camry is the only one of the four models used that mostly all are built in Kentucky. The others all come from Canada. We will still have plenty of GOOD cars when the big three go down. Scott
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