Re: AC (r-134a) recharge help please,,additional info

Additional info Your system with factory controls and strange fittings. You may have one of many aftermarket systems that are available for the S10
they use GM controls and may use either aftermarket parts or GM Harrison parts. There should be tags or paperwork or something to help figure it out. If I had it my shop I could tell immediately.
if you had pics and placed them in a yahoo breifcase for viewing would be helpful. pic of COMPRESSOR Condenser Drier or Accumulator Evaporator case. etc. 2-3 views of each.
: I've got a 94 Chevy S10. The AC in it is some kind of factory add on. My : AC guy (a friend who does AC work) tells me that since it uses the stardard : Chevy HVAC controls on the dash, it is probably factory, but not stock. : Anyway, the system hasn't worked for about a year. I recently had the truck : in his shop for tranny work and asked him to just tell me what was wrong : with the AC. He found a leak. There's an odd sort of connector that holds : a hose fitting onto the condenser. That connector has a washer that had : somehow wore down and was allowing the leak. : : Anyway, I've resolved the leak, and am now trying to recharge the system. I : bought two cans of R-134a. I realize it may take more but I thought that : would be a start. : : Here's the problem, the can, connected to the low pressure side (yah, I'm : sure, only two fittings and it only fits one of them), with AC on full : blast, the can of 134a never empties. I left it running for 10 minutes and : the can is still 3/4 full. : : I believe the compressor is running because when I disconnect the switch to : try to jump it, the engine revs way down, when I reconnect it, it goes back : up, suggesting to me that the compressor is coming on. : : Any ideas? Thanks folks. : : Tim : :
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