Re: Ford Beats Toyota in Quality for 2007

On Fri, 08 Jun 2007 23:39:59 GMT, "C. E. White"

This (112 v 120) is what I hate about the way they present this data. You look at those numbers and people think WOW, 120 is a LOT more then 112. Or if you look at the bigger list you'll find some models with 101 problems to compare to the one with 120. And the consumer is left with the impression there is this HUGE difference of 19 points between these cars and will most likely be thinking "If I by the ACME sedan I'll have 19 more problems then if I buy the SQUAT Coupe. But what it really means is that the ONE ACME vehicle he buys will have 1.2 problems to worry about and the SQUAT will have 1.01 problems. What's that mean in practical terms? It means SQUAT, i.e., nothing. He'll need to take either car back to the dealer to get the problem fixed. It maybe, might, possibly mean that over the course of a couple years the ACME will go back to the shop 2 times and the SQUAT will go back 3 times. Or depending on what breaks and when, they both may only go back 2 times. So the bottom line for the vast majority of car buyers is that all these cars are pretty much the same as far as how much "trouble" they are going to have in terms of these JDPowers figures. It's only if you compare the cars on the tail end of the distribution, one with a rating of 73 to one with a rating of 130 that there is really enough difference in "quality" that it should matter to a buyer. But CU and the like are taking these trivial differences for the vast majority of cars and turning the trivial into the difference between giving one a 2 star rating and the other a 5 star rating.
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