Stalling 1990 Regal

Here's a funny one.
Boss' son owns a 90 Regal, 3800. Car was stalling and the check engine light was on, turned out to be the MAF sensor. They replaced it with one from a
junk yard. Car ran fine for a year, now it's stalling again, but no check engine light. Get this, boss goes out, buys a brand new $250 MAF sensor to replace the junk yard one. Guess what, still stalling. Says, "why is it still stalling? I just put a new MAF sensor on!" My other boss says, "must be the computer, that's what happened to my 2002 GMC 2500 Diesel." So, now boss 1 comes to me and says, "how much is a new computer for a 90 Regal?" I asked why and he proceeded to tell me the story. After I stopped laughing I told him it could be any one of a hundred things. I started to rhyme off some things, and when I got to "fuel pump" he says "oh ya, I smelled the exhaust pipe and I didn't smell gas, so it must be the fuel pump, how much is one of those?"
So after I stopped laughing again, I politely said, "take it to a mechanic."
PS - Don't ask me "why is my car is stalling" and expect an answer without seeing or driving the car, I'll just tell you that it must be a flat tire.
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