USENET Forum FAQs (Everyone Must Read!)

This small FAQ will give you the basics on what and why we have a USENE
gateway here on Trackpads. Please read and understand that we do no
control the content or posts from the posters on the usenet. You ma however choose to interact with them or not by using these forums
1. What is the USENET fmore&qfine:USENE
Is a good start but in the best and shortest description it is

2. How does it exist here on Trackpads
We have several member interest/request related USENET groups here o
Trackpads that are imported by a server script into forums. The forum that are USENET 'capable' are clearly identified in their descriptio aswell as how they are named. For example all USENET forums here o Trackpads mimic their actual USENET names. For example 'alt.military or' are both USENET groups and are related to thes forums here on Trackpads
3. What are USENET Forums good for
They are great resources for discussing everything from politics t
autombiles with people all around the world. Trackpads archives al these threads as a resource for our members
4. Can I participate on the USENET forums
Yes! It is exactly like using our current discussion forums. Once yo
post or reply to a post on the USENET forums it is sent through ou gateway every 1-2 hours and posted on the USENET. The USENET denizen then reply and it is returned to the thread that you posted.
5. What are the pitfalls of the USENET
The bads news is that there are spammers and others that can use th
USENET to distrubute commmercial and even sometimes viles messages wit impunity. We do our best to filter this but on occasions some ba messages will slip through. This is why we have the disclaimers poste on the USENET forums
6. What if I find a disturbing or poor message on the USENET forum
Then please, please report the post. One each post in the upper lef
hand side there is a small 'report' link that will send a copy of th message and a link to its location to the moderators and to th moderators private forums. It may take up to an hour or so but moderator will stop by to 'take out the trash' :
7. How do I tell who the USENET posters are
All USENET posters in these forums will show up as 'Guest' users o
what we call 'Civilians' here on Trackpads. They will have no avatar no information in thier postbit information and no profile. An actua member of Trackpads will have an avatar or atelast the "Please choos an Avatar" picture.
8. What about the standards of conduct on the USENET forums
When you post on the USENET you must be mindfull of the Trackpad
Standards of Conduct (SOC). Even though the other USENET posters don even know about the SOCs we should always make a good impression.
Again, we hope that you enjoy this feature and engage in som
interesting conversations. Thanks for being a member on Trackpads
-- Hanniba
Born 5 June 1973 in Clinton Indiana. Graduated HS in Bloomington IL i
1991 and Joined the Army. Finished my B.S. in IT in 2003 and currentl working on my M.S. in IT. Married with 3 Children to the former Glori Hernandez of Del Rio! Community Forums, Gallery, more! 190,000 Military Photos, 3,000 Videos and growing!
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On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 19:53:46 -0800, Hannibal

If it's for "Trackpads" great, post it in "Trackpads" If it's for please emphasize the GM relevance in the posting.
Thanks & Merry Christmas.
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