2006 Accord EX-V6 6-spd idle problem

The dealer is working on it, but I thought I'd ask if anyone has had this
This car was purchased new in the spring. At idle, it vibrates. You can
see the steering wheel shake, and feel it in the shifter. It's very anoying
at stop lights, etc.
I have a 2006 EX V6 NAV that does not idle like this.
The dealer says yes, there is a problem, but cannot figure it out. Almost
seems like something is out of balance in the engine. Car is smooth off
Anyone ever heard of this? No codes are being thrown. They checked valve
adjustment and changed some Map sensor. No change in the problem.
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Give it a bit more time, since the dealer will probably get a TSB shortly. Look through all these TSB's if you like, especially at the WEBSCO link:
formatting link
these ones too:
formatting link
PDI sheets are very interesting . . . . 'Curly'
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'Curly Q. Links'
I bought an Accord coupe I4 in the Spring and it is dead smooth at idle and any speed. One would think the I4 would vibrate vs the V6. The dealer needs to get Honda in the act.
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You didn't mention which state you reside in , I would check the lemon laws where you live . You may be entilited to a refund or a new vehicle if the dealer cannot correct the problem . -Dana
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I'd look for power to the engine mount damper (assuming yours is an automatic) There is a variable stiffness engine mount that is very flexible at idel - gets shifted to stiffer when the engine is generating torque.
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Here's an update;
The replaced the motor mounts, no change. Now they are replacing the flywheel. This sounds more like the problem, since I stated it seems like an imbalance, not a miss in firing.
I will post results when done!
PS, If this doesn't fix it, we will be discussing replacement of the car!
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