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Occasional starting problem in 2004 Civic
This is about my son's 2004 Honda Civic LX. On occasion, a turn of the key won't start the engine. Lights and other stuff work, as they would if key were in the "accessory" position -- just not the...
1 week ago 2
2000 Honda Civic, after Battery Replaced Issue
Hi, My Wife drives our 2000 Honda Civic sedan more than I do. I recently took the car to a garage for State Inspection and requested a new battery since the battery was getting old. My Wife drove the...
6 months ago 3
F20A 's service schedule should incl checking throttle*sensor 's wear
every 60,000 km ; *'s resistance betw the 2 pins connected to yellow+white & red+black wires ( on *'s plug ) ? with wear ( as the electrical c ontact areas ?, the ampere flowing through ?, so...
1 year ago
2000 Honda Civic, Wet Floor, Driver Side Front
Hi, I have a 2000 Honda Civic 4 door sedan. It is outside all the time (no garage). We had a lot of rain this year. The floor on the driver's side front is wet. I looked at the windshield molding...
2 years ago 2
1999 Honda passport
What is the power and winter button for in a 1999 Honda Passport
2 years ago
Wheel bearings
My '94 Accord is coming up on 350K miles but never needed wheel bearing replacement. Is this typical for Honda cars? This is not unusual.
2 years ago 1
Best Way To Hear CDs
My wife just got a new civic, and was very disappointed that it didn't come with a CD player, as she had with her previous 2005. What's the best way to have the CDs added to some device for playing...
2 years ago 10
'94 Accord A/C
My Accord never had really effective A/C and I wonder if this was just something with my car or a commom issue on all '94 Accords. In article , says... What makes it ineffective? Not enough air...
2 years ago 6
Free parts
I had a 1993 Civic and was planning to install new tie rod ends and upper a-frames on both sides, BUT... I bought a new Honda and sold the 93. I still have the parts still wrapped in it's package and...
2 years ago
2010 Civic LX Sedan -- an unlikely, but possible, question
This afternoon, I accidentally dropped some quarters into a gap next to the automatic shift lever (in the cabin of my 2010 Civic LX Sedan). I realize this is an unlikely situation, nevertheless, does...
2 years ago 1
Is Tegger Still Here?
Tegger (John), are you around? What happened to your Honda web site? Got a friend with a 92 Toyota Pickup and possible ignition coil and igniter problems. I wanted to read your site discussing these...
2 years ago 2
Cannot get CD player in 2018 CRV or Pilot
I cannot get a CD player in 2018 CRV or Pilot which I want to buy for my wife. She listens to audio books constantly so this is deal killer. Does anyone know how to shove a CD player in either of...
2 years ago 6
Honda accord
My 96 Honda Accord just died on the freeway and will not start back up. I put an OBD2 car reader on it and it is giving me no numbers just red flashing CAT ,O2S,EGR. But no codes any information will...
3 years ago 2
Prelude 88
hello i want to ask you some advice I see you have preludes , I have the problem with the lights motor but i cant recognised what is it, my left motor doesnt work,I replace to the right side on the...
3 years ago
Honda Passport problem...
1999 Honda Passport. Will on drive when "Winter" button is pushed. I can't sliw-downand reaccelerate w/ o having to come to a complete stop, and once again pushing the Winter button. I've checked...
3 years ago